Call for papers: Special Issue 2018. Urban Travel Behavior in the Middle East and North Africa


The characteristics of urban travel behaviors and the attitudes of passengers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is less-studied. When it comes to the effects of urban form, residential self-selections, and lifestyles, it is entirely not investigated in majority of the countries of the region. There is a considerable knowledge gap about the circumstances of how people think and decide about their short-term, medium-term, and long-term mobility for commute and non-commute travels. The we do not know if the land use traits such as population and employment densities as well as mix of land uses, accessibility to public transportation and neighborhood amenities, and connectivity of street networks are as influential as they are in western counties or in higher income societies. There is a very limited understanding about the extent to which the personal preferences, lifestyles, and in general psychology of the people of the region affect their transport behaviors. The complexity of the analysis methods applied for studying urban travel phenomena of the MENA region is even less-developed. Longitudinal or discrete choice molding methods are applied in mobility research considerably less than studies coming from high-income countries.

This special issue collects the results of some of the most-recent studies on the MENA countries to fill out a part of the gap in English-language publications. The main topics covered by the issue include the following with focus on the MENA region:

  • The role of urban form and land use in forming urban travel behavior;
  • Urban sprawl and urban travel behavior;
  • The effects of historical urban transformations on urban mobility decisions;
  • Car ownership and use; car dependency;
  • The impacts of socioeconomics and culture in forming the transport patterns;
  • Lifestyles and personal preferences and urban travels; Perceptions of mobility, safety, security, neighborhoods;
  • The interactions of travel behavior and health effects of different ages, genders, and income groups;
  • Travel behavior of public transport riders;
  • … and similar topics.

The target countries of this issue are the ones that are referred to as the MENA counties in most of the definitions. Studies on the cities of Turkey and Pakistan are also of particular interest and welcome. Manuscripts about all city sizes are reflected by the issue. 

The authors interested in submitting manuscripts addressing the aforementioned issues may consider the deadline of 31st January 2018.

All submissions will go through rigorous double-blind review, and if accepted will be published. Interested authors are requested to contact Houshmand Masoumi at masoumi@ztg.tu-berlin.de, to discuss submission and review procedure. All submissions will be done via the electronic submission system of TeMA (http://www.tema.unina.it).

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Inserito: 2017-10-09

Call for papers: TeMA vol. 11 (2018) The Resilience City/The Fragile City. Methods, tools and best practices.


The fragile/resilience city represents a topic that collects itself all the issues related to the urban risks and referred to the different impacts that an urban system has to face with. Studies useful to improve the urban conditions of resilience (physical, environmental, economical, social) are particularly welcome. Main topics to consider could be issues of water, soil, energy, etc.. The identification of urban fragilities could represent a new first step in order to develop and to propose methodological and operative innovations for the planning and the management of the urban and territorial transformations.

The Journal also welcomes contributions that strategically address the following issues:

•      New consideration of the planning standards, blue and green networks as a way to mitigate urban risks and increase city resilience;

•      The territorial risks and fragilities related to mobility of people, goods, knowledge, etc.;

•      The housing issue and the need of urban regeneration of the built heritage;

•      Socio-economical behaviour and the “dilemma” about emergency and prevention economy;

•      The city as magnet of the next future’s flows (tourism, culture, economy, migration, etc.).

Publishing frequency is four monthly. For this reason, authors interested in submitting manuscripts addressing the aforementioned issues may consider the following deadlines

  • First issue: 10th January 2018;
  • Second issue: 10th April 2018;
  • Third issue: 10th September 2018.
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Inserito: 2017-09-01

Call for papers: General Call: Papers in Transport, Land Use and Environment


The Journal welcomes papers on topics at the interdisciplinary intersection of transport and land use, including research from the domains of engineering, planning, modeling, behavior, economics, geography, regional science, sociology, architecture and design, network science, and complex systems.

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Inserito: 2014-10-21 [leggi tutto]
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