The Energy Networks Landscape. Impacts on Rural Land in the Molise Region

  • Donatella Cialdea University of Molise Laboratory
  • Alessandra Maccarone University of Molise Laboratory
Keywords: Rural Land, Renewable Energy, Landscape, Environment


The paper concerns the study of the energy infrastructure that have the most impact on rural land. The analysis focuses on the systems for wind power and ground–mounted photovoltaic plants.

The case study is the Region of Molise, in Southern Italy. This Region is an emblematic case because it has a significant number of installations as seen in relationship with the whole national territory. The case becomes even more special with reference to local guidelines that have undergone successive formulations, precisely in relation to the installation in specific areas of the Region. The study analyzes current national and regional rules and it proposes a methodology to support Local Authorities especially in relation to the definition of landscape quality aims, that the new Regional Landscape Plan must provide.


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Author Biographies

Donatella Cialdea, University of Molise Laboratory
Full Professor (Urban Planning) at the University of Molise since 1988. Actually she is a President of the Civil Engineering Course, already Dean of the Faculty of Engineering from 2009 to 2012. She is the Director of the Laboratory L.A.Co.S.T.A. (Laboratory for activities relating to the Territorial Development and Environment) at the University of Molise in order to prepare students and operators in the Geographical Information Systems field). She is the Coordinator of the PhD Course in "Landscape Analysis and Valorisation" at the University of Molise, based consortium with the University of Sassari, from the cycle XX. She was the Scientific Coordinator of the International Master Level I Pro.D.U.C.T.I.V.E. Coast (Proposal for the Development of Urban and Coastal Territory in relation to the Value of the Environment), aimed at the technical-scientific training of a specific professional figure - the Selective Interpreter of Territorial Data).
Alessandra Maccarone, University of Molise Laboratory

Doctor in Environmental Science at 2004 at the University of L’Aquila. PhD in Analisi e Valorizzazione del Paesaggio at 2010 con l’etichetta aggiuntiva di Doctor Europaeus at University of Molise. From 2010 she is researcher fellowship in Landscape and Environmental Science at the Laboratory at the Univerisity of Molise. She had partecipated in numerous research project and she assists the professor Cialdea in her teaching activities. She is expert of Geographic Information Systems and is working on the project for the drafting of the new Regional Landscape Plan Molise.


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