Geodesign for Urban Ecosystem Services

  • Daniele La Rosa Department Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Catania
Keywords: Geodesign, Urban Ecosystem Services, Urban Planning


This paper argues about the use of Geodesign tools in planning for enhance the Ecosystem Services provision in a urban context. Recently evolved from GIScience, Geodesign is an emerging field  dealing with 2D and 3D representation tools developed for environmental design. On the other hand, the ES concept has become a central issue in environmental planning and research, dealing with the services provided by ecosystems to sustain and fulfill human life and well being. However, both Geodesign and ES still lack of a real integration in planning practices. While Geodesign tools appear to be stuck in rendering realistic 3D urban environments, the use of the ES concept in planning processes is still largely missing. For these reasons this paper will take advantage of concepts and tools from Geodesign and Ecosystem Services disciplines and will explore how they can be integrated in a methodological framework to generate Geodesign solution aimed at increasing the provision of urban ecosystem services.


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Author Biography

Daniele La Rosa, Department Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Catania

PhD in Urban and Regional Planning. He is Researcher at the Department Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Catania (Italy). His research interests include urban and landscape planning, environmental indicators, Ecosystem Services, Environmental Strategic Assessment, GIS, Land Cover and Spatial Analysis. He is author of more than 50 among books, papers and book chapters about urban environmental planning.


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